Monday 8 December 2014


I went to the Holbourne Museum in Bath on Saturday to see the Paul Scott exhibition of his Cumbrian Blue(s) ceramics work. It's both striking and playful in the way it modernises antique ceramics, making the antique relevant in an unexpected way. It prompted me to think further about the work we'll be doing with Croome's ceramics collection.

All the work was displayed on a table with a long cloth on it, on which were lightly printed the names of British ceramics makers. The large glass case around the display had a minimal amount of text, and that was high up, so as not to obscure the view. There were also small ceramics tablets with titles of each piece of work on them. This approach to labelling was very refreshing, with added info in an accompanying booklet.

I can start to envisage an installation of our French Sèvres porcelain which is a collaboration between an 'emerging' artist, a ceramicist and a curator, and possibly use Twitter hashtags to label the work.

Also at the Holbourne was a gentle installation by Holly Davey, reflecting on the life of Barbara Holbourne

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