Friday 14 November 2014

Kelmarsh II

Back to Kelmarsh yesterday – I wrote about my first visit earlier in the year – and with a much clearer purpose. For the first, main display of the collection, we have decided to focus on the ceramics/porcelain elements of the collection. As the main room we’re focusing on is the Dining Room/Hare Krishna Room, porcelain seems to fit so well.

The things that really stood out for me with the porcelain were the consistent use of flowers/plants and fruit. The others were animals and recurrent colours.

Other things of note in what I saw today were the general number of portraits in such a range of styles and sizes and ages, and the cockerels. It is, of course, a symbol of the Coventry family, and it looks like they must have collected lots of them, in different sizes and media.

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