Wednesday 7 January 2015

A sense of fun

Just before Christmas I was discussing our work at Croome with our regional head of conservation, and I asked what she thought was particularly good about what we're up to. Her response was that our projects all had a sense of fun about them. And it's true. They are all grounded firmly in Croome's stories, characters and genii loci, but our aim is to make everything easily accessible by not being too serious about them. It's become one of our guiding principles, and in his own way, I think this is why Grayson Perry has such appeal.

Potentially this is going to be difficult to maintain, but should be possible as long as we keep asking ourselves whether we're being too serious about things. One thing that is really going to challenge this is as we start doing things in the main rooms in the house because they have their own serious architectural designs.

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