Saturday 26 July 2014

New shoes

Soul to Sole has just gone through an expansion phase with a number of new shoes (and footprints) being added, and it is really getting very close to where we want it to be. The creativity and variety of approach by the different artists to our installation on the myriad people who have lived at Croome is boundless. Amongst others, there are now four sets of footprints in clay, of adults who lived in the Hare Krishna community when they were children, and a pair of porcelain shoes with leather quarters and heels representing Wendy Hogarth, one of the WWII WRENS from RAF Defford. The footprints were made by Anna Mitchell, and the porcelain ones by Lisa Sheppy. We've some more shoes coming over the next few weeks, and we're going to re-do the lighting too.

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