Monday 17 March 2014

Soft Estate

A month has whizzed by since I last blogged, with the result that I have numerous photos and things to write about.

Just after I started at Croome, we had a visit by an artist called Edward Chell who wanted to do some work at Croome, and I recently went to see his exhibition at The Bluecoat in Liverpool. The exhibition is called 'Soft Estate', and Edward's work explores the juxtaposition of the beauty of wild flowers with 
motorways and other busy roads. He links this with C18th ideas of the Picturesque and the beginnings of a tourist and national commerce industry which required a vast network of roads. The exhibition is accompanied by a book.

What struck me most of all was the very restful impression the work gave - very fitting for the wild flowers, but less so for their environments.

With the M5 so close to Croome and plants being so important to the place, it will be interesting to see whether we can work with Edward.

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