Friday 31 January 2014

Drawing on the archives

Last week we had two groups of primary school children come for a drawing workshop with David Birtwistle and Fran Prince. Rachel (who leads on Community and Outreach) organised this with Number 8 in Pershore. As well as drawing what they see at Croome now, they will also be drawing their ideas of how Croome might look in the future. There are a number of schools taking part in this, and the best 5 will be deposited as a formal deposit at The Hive in Worcester.

This is not the only drawing that will be taking place at Croome, however. The plan is to introduce some tables into the long gallery which are inspired by Robert Adam's tables (other examples are here and here - scroll down a bit). They will have glass tops and copies of archive material, such as the Adam's designs for the long gallery under the glass. There will also be pencils and paper available for people to draw what they see in the room or through the windows, or to create designs for the room itself.

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