Wednesday 4 December 2013

A day with the Heritage Lottery Fund

We had our six-monthly meeting with the HLF in Birmingham today to update them on our progress across the whole project. Between the 5 of us (Richard, Cate, Shaun, Rachel and I), we managed to keep talking for 3 hours! I’m not sure they were very impressed with that, but they were certainly impressed with all the work done to date, all the connections we’ve made and the overall progress of the project.

Summing up to the HLF about what I’ve been doing, I said it feels like I’ve been planting lots of seeds and they’ll get watered and fed, and we’ll start to see them growing over the coming months. Not everything will come to full fruition I shouldn’t imagine, but we’ll no doubt be doing some more planting in the new year.

I realise that what I’m trying to get away from is the concept of straightforward presentation, by which I mean putting things on display for visitors to just view, which tends to be the traditional approach for NT properties, museums and galleries. This different approach is already in evidence at Croome, albeit in a limited way – in the room with the 80s bar – but the scope for wider implementation is very broad.


  1. really love your philosophy and am not at all surprised you lot talked for 3 hours - only 3 hours?

  2. Thanks Alexis. We would have talked for longer had they given us the chance - we probably could have done three hours each