Friday 1 November 2013


No visiting other properties this week, but it didn't mean I was inside Croome Court all the time. Thursday morning I was outside, working with the Park and Gardens team - four of us spent a couple of hours removing an old fence at Westfield Farm, and creating this one in its place. I've been meaning to spend a morning with this team since I started, and it was great to be out in the fresh air, especially as most of the rest of my week was spent in meetings.

Tuesday we had the big programme planning meeting, with people from different parts of Croome, including four of the people who volunteer here, and NT consultants involved with the Redefined project. It was the first time we've all been in the same room together and was really useful in understanding how much is going on, and where we are trying to get to in terms of activity. We finished up with a very long wall chart showing what things will be going on over the next few years, with (unsurprisingly) more detail in 2014 than beyond. It is ambitious, but there should be something for everyone.

Wednesday we started on the shoes, with a group of third-year students from the creative digital media course at Worcester Uni. The project is going to be titled 'Soul to Sole'. There was also the sound designer who is working with us, Andrew Kristy, as well as the photographer Jack Nelson (who will be our overall project photographer), and digital curator and producer Clare Harris who set up The Cutting Room at Nottingham Playhouse.

On Thursday afternoon I met with Rachel and Al from Gloucester College to discuss both working with their students and the idea of having photography courses at Croome. As Croome seems to me to be all about looking and having one's perspective continually altered as you move around the Park or through the building, this seems to fit perfectly.

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